Cotton plaster silk gloss 1
Cotton plaster silk gloss 1
Cotton plaster silk gloss 1
Cotton plaster silk gloss 1
Cotton plaster silk gloss 1
Cotton plaster silk gloss 1

Cotton plaster silk gloss 1

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White, silky shiny decor with a coarse structure.
It can be applied very easily with both the smoothing trowel and the funnel spray gun .

Water quantity: 10-12 liters
Soaking time: 1 hour

Please note the instructions for surface preparation.

When treating the substrate, there are 3 essential things to consider:
- The background must not discolour
- The substrate should be evenly colored and match the color of the cotton plaster
- The substrate should be rough, especially when applying with a trowel.

Discolouring substrates should be treated with deep primer and a suitable isolating paint .
A rough surface makes it easier to apply with a trowel and reduces material consumption.

The processing of cotton plaster is simple, but there are a few things to consider:

First you mix the desired amount of cotton plaster with the amount of water indicated on the packaging. The amount of water depends on the decor and the method of application.
After the soaking time specified on the packaging, mix the quantity again properly.

Now you can start applying.
Our transparent smoothing trowel with its rounded corners is particularly suitable for this.

And with that we wish you happy work and lots of success!

PS: You are also welcome to experiment with our trial packages first.

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  • Are you planning to renovate your property, whether it is an old or new building, a castle or a single-family home, and do you love cotton plaster?
  • Is your property located within a radius of 150 km around Düsseldorf and has at least 800 m² of wall space?
  • Do you already have an offer from a painting company to coat your walls?

Then contact us. Our partner would like to make you an offer for coating your walls with cotton plaster, which is cheaper than your current one. For example , cotton plaster instead of woodchip wallpaper !

The only condition: We are allowed to film and photograph and receive a final report from you.

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Repairable and washable

Cotton plaster can be easily re-soaked in water. Therefore, it can be repaired and even washed out in the washing machine or a bathtub. It can therefore accompany you for a lifetime!

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The sound miracle

Cotton plaster can have a positive effect on the sound in a room

The soft and airy surface of many decors has a positive effect on the room sound, similar to a large curtain.

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How much cotton plaster do I need?

You can count on approx. 250g per square meter. Depending on the substrate and material, the need may increase.

What do I have to consider when applying?

Please read the two tabs above and the tab "How do I apply cotton plaster?". There are also further instructions on the label.

Is cotton plaster suitable for the bathroom/kitchen?

Yes, of course! But please make sure that there is no waterlogging. So showers should be avoided. And you don't have to worry about odors either.

Can I apply cotton plaster to the ceiling?

Yes. But be aware that applying it overhead is much more strenuous. So maybe spraying instead of spatulas.

What do I have to consider with drywall/plasterboard?

Just like pressboard/OSB boards, you have to paint plasterboard once with primer and twice with our insulating paint. This is necessary so that your cotton plaster does not get unsightly stains.

Can cotton plaster be painted over with cotton plaster?

Clear! Please note that you will need more material and at the same time have to work faster, as the old plaster will also become soggy.

Can you paint over cotton plaster?

Yes. Nevertheless, we advise against it, as this makes the plaster very difficult to remove and loses its properties.

Cotton plaster, also known as liquid wallpaper, is a natural wall coating made from, as the name suggests, cotton, possibly effect materials and a special paste.

This mixture is superior to traditional methods (paint and wallpaper) in almost every respect, because cotton plaster is:

- Easy to process
- Easy to touch up
- and retains the natural properties of cotton

You can read about how to process cotton plaster in our processing instructions. It really is doable for everyone. Try it out for yourself with our super-affordable trial packages !

Our cotton plaster is offered in different basic structures. Depending on the product, these are then supplemented with additional effects in order to create a guaranteed unique work of art on your wall. Of course you can also easily mix the cotton plaster yourself with our effects. In any case, your wall will look absolutely unique.

If your wall is damaged or soiled, you can easily touch up the cotton plaster with a little water and a smoothing trowel.

And the aforementioned properties of cotton? You surely know from your clothes what cotton can do, right? Now imagine that on your entire wall!
Cotton plaster helps keep your room warmer, helps keep your air comfortably and evenly humid, and absorbs sound. The latter makes our cotton plaster extremely popular for home theaters.
The characteristics of the properties mentioned depend on the structure and composition of the materials. A thin, flat structure has a different influence than a coarse, airy structure. The type of processing (trowel or spray gun) also influences the properties. So always order our sample cards.

Interest aroused, but you want to have something in your hands first? No problem! Simply order our sample cards right now and take a selection of decors home with you. Simply order and then within 2 weeks, when you have found your favorite piece, throw the sample with the enclosed and stamped return envelope in the nearest DHL mailbox.

The time has come! The day has come to apply your cotton plaster.
But now the decisive question arises: pistol or trowel?

Let's start with the trowel first:
We recommend our transparent trowel with the rounded corners. This greatly simplifies processing.
Metal smoothing trowels are more for professionals.
A pointed smoothing trowel is also useful for corners. You can find all the smoothing trowels we recommend here .

When you have the tool at hand, the treatment of the substrate is complete and the cotton plaster is ready, simply take out a quantity of cotton plaster with the smoothing trowel and apply it. Start in the corners and then work your way towards the center of the wall.
Note: Some decors are naturally thicker than others, meaning you won't be able to apply them as thinly as others. However, this makes them better suited for soundproofing and thermal insulation.

Always order enough material. You have the option to return it within 100 days.
If the material is still scarce, stop the work when you have finished coating a wall. This makes it easier for you to continue working when the new cotton plaster has arrived. Furthermore, you can mix the new material with the old and thus prevent any slight batch-related differences.
When everything is ready, just let it dry for a few days. It is advisable to either leave the room open or to use a construction dryer.

You can make your work a little easier with the spray gun. However, you have to note that the structure is a bit coarser and the amount of water required is increased. Simply start with the highest recommended amount of water and then slowly work your way up until the desired consistency is reached. If you don't have enough cotton plaster, simply order new ones and continue spraying.

Congratulations! You have given your room a very special new look. We hope you feel extra comfortable in your new four walls. Your next project is already waiting!

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