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Warm - sound-absorbing - moisture-regulating - reusable

The sweater for your walls

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What makes cotton plaster so special


Coarse and loosely structured cotton plaster keeps the heat better in your 4 walls, just like a sweater keeps the heat in your body, and can thus save you heating costs. You are welcome to test this effect with our sample cards .


Our cotton plaster absorbs moisture from the air and releases it again. This is commonly referred to as breathing the walls. You also know this effect from your sports gear, for example. This can significantly improve your living environment.


The uneven and porous surfaces of many cotton plaster decors absorb sound and can thus improve the room sound. This makes our roughly structured and airy decors extremely popular and perfect for your home cinema.

Die Ausprägung der genannten Eigenschaften sind von der Struktur und Zusammensetzung der Materialien abhängig. So hat eine dünne flache Struktur einen anderen Einfluß als eine grobe luftige Struktur. Auch die Art der Verarbeitung (Kelle oder Spritzpistole) beeinflußt die Eigenschaften. Bestelle Dir daher auch immer unsere Musterkarten.

Frequently asked

With a flat and rough surface, 250g of material is in most
cases sufficient.
Only with very thick materials may a little more be required.
Ultimately, this also depends on the performer. We therefore always give 4m²
reach with our bags of 1 kg of material, but we also know that
the providers differ here. Therefore, always compare the weight and
not the specified ranges for the price comparison.

For substrate preparation in connection with
There are 3 rules for cotton plaster:
The ground should be level and rough.
2) The substrate should be evenly colored and match the color
be cotton plaster.
3) The substrate must not discolour

Yes. Only rooms with stagnant moisture, such as above
closed showers should not be coated with cotton plaster. The
opinion found on the Internet that cotton plaster keeps odors
we for not applicable. Otherwise
our customers would certainly have used the cotton plaster in the bathroom
complain. 😉

In principle yes, but working overhead is natural
more exhausting. We advise beginners in particular to fill larger ceilings
therefore off. A recommended alternative is spraying cotton plaster
with a hopper spray gun. Here, the finer decors should be preferred.

Like OSB panels, gypsum plasterboard is one of the strongly staining substrates.
These must be coated once with deep primer and at least twice with a suitable insulating paint with granules.

That's fine. But you should work quickly
as the old cotton plaster softens over time.
You also need more material, since the old one does not have a flat surface.

In principle yes, but we advise against it. As a result, the cotton plaster loses some of its properties and is then very difficult to remove.

Local craftsmen and traders wanted

Do you work professionally to beautify your customers' walls and do you think cotton plaster is great?
Then contact us via email or by phone: 0340 / 55617463

Cotton Plaster Academy

We have created a small video series with tips and tricks on the subject of processing cotton plaster. There you will also find answers to questions that you may not have even asked yourself yet. Click on this link: to the academy and watch the videos at your leisure.

Redesign of conference room

In the Dorint Hotel Düren, this wonderful stone look was created on a grey painted wall using painter's tape and Royal 8 .

An extraordinary idea professionally implemented.

Anya S

here are a few pics...
We think it turned out really nice! The plaster was super easy to work with. We were beginners there, but had no difficulties at all. With your tips we were well prepared ;-)

martin m

I have already gained my experience with your cotton plaster and was again enthusiastic.
Her primer is also worth the money, I have no doubt about that. The subsoil was very challenging this time with clay building and fiberboard. But in the end there were no problems or coloring.
My next project will be easier again.

family h

We are very satisfied with the product and are already considering which room we will do next.

You can forget about wallpapering. There's no quicker way to beautify a wall. The effort is low and the result wonderful.

If you follow the instructions exactly, nothing can go wrong. Thank you for the videos.

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Reuse cotton plaster

Your cotton plaster can accompany you for a lifetime. Check out this article!

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