MAUNAWAI® Pi®PRIME water filter
MAUNAWAI® Pi®PRIME water filter
MAUNAWAI® Pi®PRIME water filter
MAUNAWAI® Pi®PRIME water filter
MAUNAWAI® Pi®PRIME water filter
MAUNAWAI® Pi®PRIME water filter

MAUNAWAI® Pi®PRIME water filter

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The upper tank for the tap water and the filter modules are made of SAN plastic , the drinking water tank is made of crystal glass and is handmade by glassblowers in the Czech Republic.

The high-quality SAN plastic contains no plasticizers and is free of Bisphenol-A (BPA). It meets all the requirements that are made worldwide for plastics that come into contact with food and is tasteless and odorless.

Note on delivery: The K2 variant is supplied without limescale filter pads, but with zeolite stones, since limescale does not have to be removed from soft water.
The K8 variant is supplied with lime filter pads but without zeolite stones, since the lime has to be filtered out here.

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From design to production 100% made in Germany.

By applying the five principles in the MAUNAWAI pot





biological availability

- the water is not only of unwanted - as well as pollutants
cleaned, but also restructured and thus preserves its
original cluster shape. The minerals remain
receive water.
The geometric lines of our pot are based on this crystalline structure of MAUNAWAI water.

Very suitable for small households, for on the go or in the office.

The first pot made of SMMA N30

This material is otherwise only used in the medical field,
as it does not emit any measurable substances even under the greatest stress. It meets the highest requirements regarding biocompatibility (ISO 10993) and food compatibility (FDA)

We searched and tested for a long time until we decided on this one
Chose plastic because it meets all our expectations, as well as those
the EU directive.
And best of all, it's 100% recyclable.


With the launch of the new Kini Kanne and its
Recyclability, we also have the complete packaging
switched. This now consists of 100% recyclable waste paper, free of
Do your part to protect the environment and pay attention to our tips for disposing of the cartridges!

Scope of delivery:

Jug made of food-safe SMMA plastic, contains no plasticizers

PI filter cartridge

Limescale filter pad with lid

Operating instructions in 2 languages ​​(D/E) with change interval

The MAUNAWAI® water filter turns any tap water into delicious
soft spring water with addictive potential for your optimal day.

From a biophysical point of view, the MAUNAWAI® filter system shows an amazingly good ability to clean inorganically and organically contaminated water. The filter system has particularly proven itself in the separation of toxic heavy metals including uranium, as well as pesticides, hormone and drug residues.

Germs and bacteria are killed by a special surface coating on the filter materials. Minerals are added to the water.

MAUNAWAI founder Maria Knoch in an interview

structure of the filter system

Das Kalkfilter Pad entfernt durch Ioenaustausch neben Kalk ebenso Nitrat, Nitrit und Schwermetalle.
Spezielle Indikator-Kügelchen zeigen das Vorhandensein gefährlicher Stoffe im Wasser an. Normalerweise sind diese nach einigen Tagen an ihrer weißen Farbe erkennbar. Sollte diese eine andere Farbe aufweisen, nimm Kontakt mit dem Filterhersteller auf. Kalkfilter Pads werden nur mit dem K8 Filter geliefert, können aber auch im K2 verwendet werden.

Das „Herzstück” des MAUNAWAI® Wassersystems ist die mehrschichtige Pi®PRIME Filterkartusche.
Die PI® Filterkartusche wurde eigens für das MAUNAWAI Wasserfilter-System entwickelt und bietet eine besonders hohe Qualität.
Die Qualität und Leistungsfähigkeit eines Aktivkohlefilters wird durch die Bindungsfähigkeit des Filtermaterials und der Durchflussgeschwindigkeit bestimmt. Im Gegensatz zu herkömmlichen Aktivkohleblocks wird bei den MAUNAWAI®-Filtern die Durchflussgeschwindigkeit deutlich reduziert. Dies unterstützt die gesteigerte Bindungsfähigkeit des eingesetzten Granulats.
Die Hightech-Aktivkohle aus Kokosnussschalen entfernt Schadstoffe wie Chlor, Pestizide, Schwermetalle, sowie viele weitere Verunreinigungen. Im Grenzbereich der schwer bindbaren Stoffe wie Kupfer, Zink und Medikamente- und Hormonrückstände erweisen sich die MAUNAWAI®-Filter sehr wirksam.

Kombination von vielem verschiedenem Keramikkügelchen.

Hier wirken unterschiedliche Keramikkügelchen (PI®- EM- BioCer-und noch viele andere Keramiken) in genauer Abstimmung und Dosierung auf das gefilterte Wasser.

Would you like to find out more?

Then take a look at the following information:

change interval:

PI filter cartridge 3 months
Limescale filter pad 3 months

Capacity of the containers:
Filling tank: 0.8 liters
Extraction container: 2 liters

Dimensions of the jug:
25.50 cm high
24.00 cm wide
12.00 cm deep below
15.00 cm deep above

Maria Knoch has been committed to good water for over 20 years. This is what she says about herself:

"Water has been a very important topic for me for over 25 years. Because good water is the basis for a healthy life.

As a health and nutritionist, I know how important good water is alongside a healthy and gluten-free diet.

In 1995 I brought the first PI device to Germany.

My commitment and thirst for knowledge went so far that I personally followed
Japan flew to learn more about Prof. Dr. Shinji Makino and the PI technology that he has brought to today's high level of development.

I have met with very many
Water treatment systems apart. To this day, I still consider the PI filter technology to be the best in every way
system on the market.
Consequently, I became the owner of the trademark rights for PI® in Europe (02/04/1999/No.: 39906218); I let that
later also register the trademark MAUNAWAI® (22.10.2009/No.: 008633761).
and protect.

My biggest goal is to be able to offer this technology in a form that people can also have "spring" water
can afford financially. I found the solution in the MAUNAWAI® water system. (Mountain water is called Maunawai in Hawaii.)
It is a water system that does not need to be connected to the water pipe,
is easy to use and fits in every home.
The fact that we succeeded is not only proven by the new results and research, but also by our enthusiastic customers.

We leave all our experience and knowledge in MAUNAWAI® development
flow to ensure you have the best water for your home."

dr re. of course Stefan Lanka (virologist and molecular biologist, holder of the
Science Plus Magazine ):

We are mostly made up of water and it follows that
the water that we take in daily, as pure as possible and the same
Should have properties like the "living" water in our cells.

More than any other element, water has a memory and shows
indicates with which substances and radiations it has come into contact, which in the
leave traces of water. This memory or these traces can be
make it visible photographically and with electromagnetic measurements.

When it comes to water, it's not just about chemical and physical purity
but on the bioavailability, ie its vitality, or otherwise
expressed, its compatibility with the living organism.Here I put
a unique water system that combines three principles and
doing so entirely without electricity.

Search successful

For more than ten years I have always been on the lookout for water
gone that I like, that is not burdened by chemicals and radiation
is and that is good for my body and kidneys, strengthens me so that it can
required and the elimination visible

relieved.Now I found it and tested it. For the device that this water
supplies, I have reviewed the studies and can give you one in Japan
developed filtration and information technology copied from nature
Introduce the Maunawai premium water system, designed for everyday
use has just been optimized again.

My water dream came true!

Mag. Dr. Walter Hannes Medinger (bio- and quantum physicist and
Scientific Director of the International Institute For Research On
Electromagnetic Compatibility - IIREC)

The strong resonance signal of Maunawai water at 22.5 Hz is truly one
no small sensation. This is a confirmation of the special quality
of this water compared to cell water." ...

... "The above interpretation of the most pronounced resonance signals
of the Maunawai water give an impression of its special, biological
relevant properties.

Without the more detailed interpretation of the spectrum and the further to
Anticipating planned research work on Maunawai water can already be done now
be said that the Maunawai system is a within the meaning of the
Vitalization of water is a biophysically unusually effective system


short report
about essential evaluation results

Institute for Statics and Dynamics of Aerospace Structures
University of Stuttgart

Head of Research:
Berthold Heusel MA
Johannesstr. 31A - 70176 Stuttgart

Download: Microscopic water analysis

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