Just Try: Standard 30 + book
Just Try: Standard 30 + book
Just Try: Standard 30 + book

Just Try: Standard 30 + book

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This is our inexpensive just-try-it package consisting of the very popular material Cotton Plaster Standard 30 and the book 'Cotton Plaster - The Sweater for the Wall '.

Amount of material: 125 g
Amount of water: approx. 1 litre

Soaking time: 1 hour
Coverage: 0.5m²

While the material soaks, you can work through the book in peace.
This package gets you fit in theory and practice.

For application, we recommend our transparent smoothing trowel, which you can order here at the same time. Of course you can also use a different blade.

If the material is too firm, feel free to add water until it spreads over the wall like butter.

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[2] Price incl. German VAT. The total price depends on the VAT rate in the delivery country.

Cotton plaster, also known as liquid wallpaper, is a natural wall coating made from, as the name suggests, cotton and special paste.

This mixture is superior to traditional methods (paint and wallpaper) in almost every respect, because cotton plaster is:

- Easy to work with
- Easy to fix
- and retains the natural properties of cotton

You can read about how to process cotton plaster in our processing instructions. It really is doable for everyone. Try it out for yourself with our super-affordable trial packages !

Our cotton plaster is offered in different basic structures. Depending on the product, these are then supplemented with additional effects to create a guaranteed unique work of art on your wall. Of course you can also easily mix the cotton plaster yourself with our effects. Either way, your wall will look absolutely unique.

If your wall shows a dent or a crack, you can easily touch up the cotton plaster with a little water and a smoothing trowel. As already said: child's play.

And the aforementioned properties of cotton? You surely know from your clothes what cotton can do, right? Now imagine that on your entire wall!
Cotton plaster helps you keep your room warm, helps you keep your air comfortable and evenly humid, and absorbs sound like no other wall covering. The latter makes our cotton plaster extremely popular for home cinemas, by the way.

Interested, but you want to have something in your hands first? No problem! Simply order our sample letter right now and take a selection of decors home with you. Simply order and then within 2 weeks, when you have found your favorite item, simply remove the strip from the envelope and throw the letter in the nearest mailbox.

The time has come! The day has come to put on your cotton plaster.

First of all the tool:
The smoothing trowel should be as soft as possible, ie flexible. Metal smoothing trowels are rather unsuitable. Then a smoothing trowel with rounded corners is a good idea, as it can be used to avoid unsightly burrs and edges. A pointed smoothing trowel is also useful for corners. You can find all the smoothing trowels we recommend here .

When you have the tool at hand, the treatment of the substrate is complete and the cotton plaster is ready, simply take out a quantity of cotton plaster with the smoothing trowel and apply it. Once the cotton plaster is on the wall simply spread it out to the desired thickness.
Note: Some decors are naturally thicker than others, so you won't get them as thin as others. This makes them better for sound deadening and thermal insulation though.
If you notice while working that you don't have enough cotton plaster, that's no problem. Simply reorder and then mix a little of the existing cotton plaster with the new cotton plaster and continue working.
When everything is ready just let it dry for a few days. It is advisable to either leave the room open or to use a construction dryer.

Congratulations on your first piece of cotton plaster! Surely you're excited and want more, right? Then let's go !

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