Wallpapering with cotton creates a pleasant living environment

Cotton plaster is a very practical material composed of cotton fibers , cellulose and glue . In some cases, certain mica effects are also added. In contrast to woodchip wallpaper, non-woven wallpaper or various other wall coatings, liquid wallpaper has numerous advantages. It is applied to the walls with a so-called smoothing trowel . For this purpose, however, the surface should be as light, clean, colorfast and rough as possible. If this is the case, the wallpaper can be evenly distributed on the wall.

What are the advantages of liquid wallpaper?

Living climate is improved and noise is absorbed

First of all, it improves the living environment. Because the plaster has a comparatively coarse structure and can store moisture better than various other wall coatings. In addition, the liquid wallpaper prevents the sound of being in a train station concourse in an empty room. Thanks to a very soft and roughly structured surface, the sound is ideally absorbed, which is not just for music lovers.

Heating costs are reduced

If a wall is papered with cotton wallpaper, it feels significantly warmer than woodchip wallpaper, for example. Cotton is an ideal protection against heat , even with a low layer density. In addition, the wallpaper hardly changes its appearance, so that it does not have to be renewed so quickly. It can easily be used for 15 or 20 years . Of course, even with liquid wallpaper, it is not possible to prevent the typical soiling around the light switches or minor damage. However, these can be repaired comparatively easily without having to wallpaper the entire wall.

Cotton plaster is breathable

A cotton wall covering is breathable , which significantly improves the feeling of living in a room. Because the cotton fibers allow the walls to breathe, absorb humidity and then slowly release it back into the room. This is very practical in the bathroom, among other things. As a result, the mirrors and windows fog up significantly less or not at all.

Easy to remove

Cotton plaster consists of cotton with some additives and a water-soluble binding material . To remove it, it simply has to be moistened with a standard water syringe. Once the material is well soaked, it can be easily removed from the wall. Alternatively, a new layer of the liquid wallpaper can also simply be sprayed on. Then the wall looks like new again and its properties, such as thermal insulation and moisture regulation , are improved.

If you want to wallpaper with cotton plaster, you can use different patterns, such as stripes , rectangles , waves or pictures . Unique works of art can be created with the appropriate templates.

Curious about cotton plaster?

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