The jeans for your wall

Our denim decors

Old jeans are given new life

Every year, millions of pairs of jeans are thrown away - whether they are too old, broken or simply no longer fit. These jeans then either end up in clothing donations or in the trash.
They are also recycled into new jeans.
Unfortunately, recycled jeans are not particularly comfortable and are usually rather stiff and brittle.

We present: a new and unique way to give old jeans a new life — Jeans decors from the cotton plaster shop

The process

Actually it is quite simple:
The old jeans are delivered in containers
Then all buttons and rivets are removed and the jeans are cut and shredded — just like our cotton.

There are two results:
A very fine material similar to our colour decors
And a coarser material which will serve as an effect.

The decors

There are currently 4 designs to choose from. The processing is the same as for normal cotton plaster. So you don't have to worry - everything is done as usual.
However, please still follow the instructions on the label.

Our denim decors offer you a unique opportunity to design your wall. Due to the structure and effects, no two walls will look the same.
You will also find them in the sample letter from now on. As with Edelweiss 4 and Silk Gloss 4, it can happen that individual cards with Jeans Decor 4 have very few visible effects. In this case, simply look online or reorder a single sample card free of charge.

NOTE: Color Decor Jeans does not contain any denim and is not part of the denim decors. However, if you prefer a more predictable and uniform look, then this is exactly what you need.