Cotton Plaster - The reusable wall coating

Nowadays, the topic of sustainability plays an important role in many purchasing decisions. A society geared towards avoiding waste has developed from the former throwaway society. This trend is of great importance for our environment.

Especially when redesigning rooms, large amounts of waste often accumulate. Just think of the mountains of wallpaper that a change of scenery usually produces.

However, this does not have to be the case. Cotton plaster offers an optically very attractive and physically very sensible alternative.

Possibilities with cotton plaster

The easiest way to extend the renovation intervals with cotton plaster is to repair smaller dirty or damaged areas. To do this, the area is simply soaked with water and then repaired.

If that's not enough....

In this case you can soak the entire cotton plaster with water and remove it from the wall with a smoothing trowel. If the soiling is light, a thorough mixing is often sufficient and the plaster can be applied again.

In the case of really heavy soiling, the cotton plaster can even be washed. Our customer Ms. Fischer sent us a very nice report on this:

Wash cotton plaster in the washing machine - it works!

"We have been convinced and enthusiastic users of cotton plaster for 18 years now and now have it in every room in our house.

Now we have renovated our living-dining area, where the plaster has been on the walls for 7 years.

Among other things, we removed our wood paneling from the ceiling and installed cove lighting instead.
Since these are approx. 15 cm lower than the original wooden ceiling, we had to remove the cotton plaster from the wall at this height. Later we wanted to use this to smooth out the transition.

Unfortunately, this plan could not be carried out.

I must now mention that we tore down an existing tiled stove here beforehand and had a new fireplace installed. Of course, there was a lot of dirt and dust and although we had covered all the walls with tarpaulins and I vacuumed the walls thoroughly and several times afterwards, really ugly tracks formed later when wetting the plaster for the transition. It really wasn't possible and now good advice was expensive.

So we had no choice but to completely remove the cotton plaster from the walls and redo the walls as well.

However, we didn't want to invest a not inconsiderable amount for new cotton plaster, nor did we want to switch back to wallpaper for cost reasons.

Then my husband suddenly remembered that at some point he read that you can wash the removed plaster in the washing machine and reuse it.

So I looked it up on cotton plaster and it actually said that this should be possible.
Unfortunately, it only says that there are people who have done it before, but not HOW.

Since we had nothing to lose, we just gave it a try and the result was absolutely convincing.

So we filled the freshly scraped, damp plaster into pillowcases and then gradually washed them in the washing machine at 60° with prewash.

Then we put it in the dryer.

The result was flawless. The cotton plaster was snow white again and neither the color chips nor the glitter were damaged. Only the paste has of course washed out.

A phone call to Mr. Mohs from cotton cleaning quickly remedied the situation.
The very next day we received a bag of paste from him, which we then simply sprinkled into the cotton fibers and mixed in thoroughly.
We also took the opportunity to change the color of our plaster a bit by ordering a few bags of color chips, which we also incorporated.

The end result amazed us completely.
We have brand new walls!

The plaster was also easy to work with.

Remains to be noted:

I am relatively convinced that a satisfactory result can also be achieved at a lower washing temperature.
We just wanted to be on the safe side.

Also, there was some "shrinkage" (about 10%) in our experiment.
The cotton has shrunk a bit, which was either due to the relatively high washing temperature or the dryer.

Luckily we still had a bag left of the cotton flakes we had originally ordered, with which we were able to easily compensate for this loss.

So if there are no leftovers, I recommend ordering a certain amount of cotton in addition to the paste.

Now all that remains is to wish you lots of fun and success imitating it.

Have courage - it works!"


after washing and drying

Newly applied

... and now for hand washing ;-)

It doesn't always have to be the washing machine. Good results can also be achieved with hand washing, as we show in the following video:

And take a look at our large selection of sample cards:

Cotton plaster sample card set for viewing for 2 weeks
Cotton plaster sample card set for viewing for 2 weeks

Cotton plaster sample card set for viewing for 2 weeks

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