Apply cotton plaster to the ceiling

Cotton plaster / liquid wallpaper can also be applied to the ceiling. The same rules for substrate preparation apply here. This must not discolor and should be rough and evenly colored in a color that matches the cotton plaster.

We recommend the spray method, at least for larger ceilings (>10 m²). Working overhead is a little more strenuous for the less experienced do-it-yourselfer and the ceiling should also be coated in one day if possible to avoid starting again the next day.

With the spraying process, significantly less force is required and the speed is significantly higher. Furthermore, there is no need for a rough surface when spraying.

For spraying we recommend the STORCH hopper gun with the protruding nozzle. A compressor with an output of ideally 230 l/min at 2 bar is required for this.

When it comes to decors, short-grain decors should be selected, as long and thick fibers can clog the nozzle. The basic edelweiss decor series, for example, is ideal here, but the white color decors are also suitable.

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