The sweater for your wall

No knitting required, simply mix with water and apply!

Get your sample set now!

Consisting of:

  • A large cotton plaster sample card
  • Replacement glue

This allows you to try out cotton plaster in your home. From soaking, applying to washing and reapplying!

We will send it to you free of charge. Enter your details in the form.

We will then send you an email in which you confirm again that it was you.

Dress your wall warmly

Next winter is coming

Whether with a smoothing trowel or spray gun. Any DIY enthusiast can do it, no specialist knowledge required!

Noticeably warmer walls

The insulating properties of cotton plaster make your walls feel significantly warmer


Damaged areas can be easily repaired. Simply soak the plaster and repair it.

Simple processing

No expensive craftsman necessary! Mix the plaster with water, wait and apply.

individual design

Thanks to the freedom of application, there are no limits to your creativity!

Bridging cracks

Smaller cracks and unevenness are filled and covered by the cotton plaster.


Cotton plaster absorbs and releases too much moisture from the air. For a more constant living climate.

Even with crooked walls

No more complex wallpaper cutting! Cotton plaster adapts to the shape of the wall.


The uneven surface reduces room reverberation.

Unlimited creativity

You can shape cotton plaster into any shape you like, mix in your own effects and freely combine different decors.

No more transitions, no more annoying cutting and aligning of wallpaper strips. With cotton plaster you get seamless walls.

Your free set to try out

Are you interested?

Then we will now send you your sample set consisting of a cotton plaster sample plate and special paste. So you can test out the great properties of cotton plaster in your home without any obligation.

Enter your address and email and we will send it to you free of charge !

We will then ask you again by email whether it was you in order to avoid misuse by third parties.

Thats what our customers say

Hello, my name is Dirk Mohs, the founder of

I have been in the cotton plaster business for over 20 years. Back then, I started small with a simple website on which I collected orders and forwarded them to a producer. Later the first self-shipment from the apartment's own basement.

After the neighbors' complaints about constantly arriving truck deliveries became too great, I decided in 2018 to take the step of setting up my own warehouse. But we have now had to expand this too.

Today, my team and I supply customers from all over Europe and we have grown to become the number 1 cotton plaster dealer in Germany.